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With the Quality Scan and Report Option, I will take an objective view point, as a consumer/ fellow business owner, with your online business set up. I will look through your set up, from eye catching point, to checkout. Then, I will detail, in an Email, the changes that will improve the quality of how your business is presented, to the consumer.

This in not a back and forth coaching session, but a thorough scan of procedures, with a follow up scan, after changes are made.

Everything will be through E-mail, and the process may take 1-2 days.

I will send my contact Email, to you, following your purchase.

✨️Payment taken at Point of Sale, via: Credit/Debit



This Insight and Coaching option is for those needing guidance on how to start their online business presence.

It's geared towards finding the right scheduling app and store front for you, website, payment options, color schemes, and the like.

It starts with a 30 min phone call, and continues through texting (or IG messaging, for international), as needed.


✨️it can also be used as an opportunity to have a critical eye go over what you already have, and help you with the insight and guidance to make it feel more like you.

✨️Payments taken after, via: PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Credit/Debit


⚛️I will not give tax advice, as I am not an accountant⚛️

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