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Adam Caar


Name Your Healing Candle


-This candle is fully customizable to ONE healing of YOUR CHOOSING! Whether you're looking for General, Medical, Family, Friendships, Spirit Team, etc. you name it, we can make it! Completely catered to what you personally need, conducive.


-As soon as you light the candle, the infused specified healing begins.


-It does not have to be burned just one time! You can burn it as many times as you want, until it's gone!


-This candle may be used, as is, or mixed with your own ingredients and practice.


-If it gets too intense, remember to ask it to "speed it up".


-Happy Knowing and Growing! May the candle burn ever in your favor!


, KaptinKate and KatNBoots138 


️This candle is approx. 2.6oz, white soy wax, unscented, in a black metal tin (This is not made for home decor. This is meant to get the job DONE)

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