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Clean Mental Space Room Guided Meditation

Join me for on this trip to cleanse and organize your Mental Space Room.

Everyone has pocket dimensions, that we forgot existed, because of human amnesia.

Your Mental Space Room is a key element in being more stable, centered, and in control of one's mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual self.


Personal Akashic Records Library Guided Meditation

Join me for a trip to your Personal Akashic Records Library.

Your Akashic Library will look unique to you, because your soul set it up for you.

Once inside, I will guide you in cleansing and organizing your space, getting more familiar with the set up, and guide you into the process of utilizing your library to access your past lives.


Join me for this deep sleep stay in your personal rejuvenation station.

Everyone's rejuvenation station looks different to the individual.

Some are inside sensory deprivation pods, others are in zero gravity pockets, many are deep inside mineral caves.

All exist in other dimensions and are perfectly set to get you the complete rejuvenation for your unique soul.

I also applied a few healings to the listener to make this experience as restful as possible.


Join me for this guided meditation to open, cleanse, and balance your central and upper chakra points, and also create your own personal grounding pool.

Although we have hundreds of chakra points, we will be focusing on the main seven and five above.

This meditation is set to follow along, with my prompts without repeating.

It can be used while awake or asleep.


Join me for a trauma healing session, while you sleep.

My soul will fragment out to you and guide you in the deep cleansing and healing work that you set the intention to work on, or is the most impactful you need at this time.

This is deep work and the reviews have shown that people feel extremely tired the first morning after,  clear minded as the day continues, going into well rested and "ready to go" mornings after continued use.

This will bring up and clear the many layers of trauma, so sometimes emotional waves, during day, can occur.

I started offering this service in 2020, set to a phrase with a follow up phrase, to use, in the morning.

I'm so excited to have it set to a meditation, now!


Join me in cleansing your home/location with an extremely potent cleanse meditation.

This meditation can be used as a follow along, where you repeat after me, to create your own major healing, or feel free to leave it playing while asleep, cleaning, or away on errands.

This is great to use in homes or spaces you are trying to sell or buy.

It's a fantastic pairing to my nightly train meditation, and will clear the energy of the deep work you have been doing for yourself.

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