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I have been asked by many, for years, if I would ever consider a mentorship program.

I was hesitant for it, because of many reasons.

I would want to open this up for people who are really going to show up for themselves, who have a drive to better themselves (not just the world, because it all starts with self first.)

Since opening this program up in April of 2023, I've realized just how much I enjoy a close interaction with people, one on one, while I witness them excitedly grow more into themselves, and really hone their own abilities and skill set more!

Since I'm now offering "Boot Camp" options, the Mentorship Program is going to be limited to 2-3 members, per month.

I still want to keep the group small, to give them the one on one attention needed, and still have the energy to continue my regular schedule of sessions, classes, business maintenance, podcasts, lives, also meditation/product creation.

This is a one month long program, with options to interview, to re-enter.

You will not be bound to doing things my way. In fact, I hope I help you remember how YOU do things, and help you empower yourself and remember the way your soul naturally operates.

Even if you practice a different craft, this mentorship is still open to you.

The techniques that myself and @Kaptin.Kate have curated are intended to help you hone your personal abilities.


$1   K

Per Month

(all at once, or broken into payments)



*Two 30 min guided sessions, a week, during the month

*Invitation to join any of weekly live Guided Group Adventures I host, during the month

* Invitation to join the Live Co-Hosted Guided Group Adventures, during the month

*Copies of all Guided Group Adventures attended, during the month

*Any new purchasable products that become available during your stay in the program. (i.e. physical products or meditations)

*Direct texting communication through-out the month, for questions or issues, as they come up.

*If you are interested in joining this program, feel free to click the button to schedule an interview.

(Once the spots are full, there will be no interview spots available.) 

*Interviews open at the end of each month for new and re-occurring members.


*Next, month long program, begins on June 01, 2024

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