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🗝️Healing   Inner   Child   Past Lives,   And   Akashic  Records

This is a compilation of videos with tips to help get you into your personal akashic library, and/or do timeline trauma work to your younger you timeline or past life timelines.

Fear/Matrix    cord    removal

This is where it all began. In this series, I walk you through the process of removing the fear/matrix cord, through the act of spiritual surgery. I realize, about halfway in, that I am creating a healing for anyone who accepts it throughout space and time. I then created one of my first healing phrases, that when spoken, brings my soul over to you to perform the procedure.

intense    energy    vampire    cleanse

A carefully grouped together collection of deep cleanse healings to regain your personal power and protect your energy in self, social media, home, and dimensions.

How   to   heal   world   events

This is a compilation of tips to help you centralize your intentions, healings, and working when working on worldwide issues, such as storms, fires, weather control, drones, etc

source    is    a    computer

Source is a computer, Spirit is the access point, trauma is the virus.

Join me as I break down and explain how the process of creating healing phrases works similarly to an "F3 key"

Explaining   Oversouls

This is a basic breakdown of how we each are a part of 13 oversouls, and how those oversouls fragment and split through the dimensions, to create the billions of humans existing on Earth, today.

(More explanation , healing, and tips on this subject can be located in my "oversouls" playlist, on YouTube.)


Have you ever heard of guardian angels or being divinely protected? This series breaks down and explains how, since all time is now, YOU are your own guardian angel/divine protection.

why    we    heal    trauma

This series is a follow-up to my series, "Miracles". I am prompted to go into further explanation about how all time is now and how we aren't just able to protect ourselves, but also heal the trauma that came from those moments.

rewriting    history    with    past    life    trauma    healing

As the song goes, "clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere". if we all do our part to clean up the trauma mess we helped create for ourselves, and the collective, we will actually be able to inspire everyone around us to heal their own trauma as well.

Hollywood has us believe if we heal too much that history will repeat itself, when the exact opposite is true.

project    earth

I received an energetic ding from the 90's t.v. show "Dinosaurs" about the reptilians being left behind. It lead me down a healing/puzzle-solving adventure to uncover the many versions and projects of earth, including their respective project managers.

investing    in    your reality    of     abundance

This series helps bring new perspectives, day-to-day reality, spiritual views, and healings all together to bring your reality of abundance into your life.

raising    magical    kids

I'm not just an energetic healer/spiritual surgeon/organic hacker, I'm also a mother of Three children who are very intune with their spiritual abilities.

Together, we have realized how to balance light and dark energy, how to utilize our spiritual abilities, and how to create healings for the collective with our unique skill sets.

I also go into co-parenting, being a single mom for almost a decade, and how to balance all of that.

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